Upcoming events

Upcoming events

You can find details of our upcoming events here.

Logos Hope

Operation Mobilisation prayer request

The visit of the ship Logos Hope run by Operation Mobilisation to the UK (including Birkenhead) has had to be delayed by 3 months because of visa problems. The UK immigration and visa office will not say who will be allowed visas only a list of countries that are excluded with no guarantees that a person from a country not on the exclusion list will be granted a visa. As the ship will be in the UK for about 3 months it is not practical for staff to remain on board throughout the visit. If this cannot be resolved along with outstanding issues at each port, including health and safety for queueing and adequate parking etc etc then the visit may have to be abandoned. Please pray that solutions are found soon. Thank you, Geff Meyer.

Suffering Christians of Nigeria

Suffering Christians of Nigeria

Thirteen Christian boys and girls were killed and many injured when a car deliberately mowed them down as they marched in a parade celebrating their Saviour’s Resurrection. Earlier a Christian village in Northern Nigeria was ambushed at night by hundreds of Fulani herdsmen who maimed and murdered anyone they could find, killing livestock and burning homes and crops. Please help Barnabas Fund as they provide trauma-healing programmes for survivors and support for orphans. Details are here and on the Mission Board. Thank you, Jenny Summersby


Open House Coffee Shop

Please be aware that we will be trialling a new opening time of 10am –12noon. Thank you, Viv Harrison

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Northern Women’s Convention

The convention is on Saturday 2nd November in Manchester. Tickets are selling fast so book online quickly if you would like to join a group from Holy Trinity! Please also contact us here so that we know how many are going and can arrange lifts. Further details here

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Barnabas Fund Prayer Meeting

 The final week in October is Barnabas Funds Suffering Church Action Week. We are having a time of prayer on Saturday 2nd November at 11am in the Hey when we will remember some of those we have prayed for over the years, ie Asaia Bibi, Nissar and Kubra Hussain and their family, Sherif Hussan from Egypt, Lynn Masterson, working in Pakistan and the suffering church of North Nigeria. Jason will have some videos to remind us of others we have prayed for in this country. Jenny Summersby


Date changes

DATE CHANGES : Please make a note in your diaries of the following changes in planned meetings:

  • The PCC meeting that was due to take place on 16th September will now take place on 23rd September.
  • The Prayer Breakfast which was scheduled for 5th October will now take place on 12th October.

The 2020 Hymn Concert is planned for Saturday, February 29th!

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Prayer Diary

Our new 2019/20 contact book/prayer diary is due out in October. Please check the details in the foyer and tick if correct or alter if necessary. Thank you, Anita Ward

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