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To view our response to the Coronavirus outbreak, click this link.

The link takes you to another page on our website where you will find all the latest information as well as links to all our online resources as well.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

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Barnabas Fund

“Mukhtaran is a Christian widow in Pakistan. She and her three daughters work as domestic helpers in other people’s homes. But Pakistan is under lockdown and they cannot go to work. So they have no income. Their wages were too low to set aside savings, and soon the meagre food stocks in their home will be finished. Her only son used to try to support the family by begging on the streets. But social distancing means that no beggars are allowed on the roads now. Mukhtaran herself is going blind”

This is just one of the heartbreaking stories reported by Barnabas Fund. Click here to read the full details. Please help Christians such as these.

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Lynn Masterson

Greetings from Lahore! Attached is my recent newsletter. Pakistan, as with everywhere else, has been affected by Covid-19. Since writing the letter, the Sindh in the southern part of Pakistan, is under lockdown, the Punjab is under partial lockdown and flights out of Pakistan are cancelled. Closure of schools has today been extended to 31st May. I am now working from home.

I pray that wherever you are, you may know the peace of the Lord in the midst of the current situation.

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