Clocks change

Remember that the clocks go back and hour tonight (24th October)!

Chester Cathedral

Paul Lewis - ordination as Deacon

Please pray for Paul (and Elaine) as he prepares for and takes on his new role as deacon. Paul will be ordained along with a number of others at a service to be held in Chester Cathedral this afternoon (Saturday 24th October) at 2:30pm, and which will be livestreamed here.


Used household items

There is a desperate need for any household items  for people locally who have nothing and are being supported by Food Bank and St Vincent de Paul. We now have storage facilities and can accept donations both large and small. Please contact Paula Walker. Thank you.


Childrens groups on Sunday mornings

From Sunday 25th October the children ages 3-11 who are at the service will be able to go out to the Hey to meet as one group part way through the service. We ask that parents stay in their seats, and leaders will take the children to their group. We are still unable to run a creche at this time. Please book your children a place each week in the group using the booking system on the website. We are still unable to run a creche at this time.Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Morning service

Everyone is welcome to attend any Sunday 10:30am service. Please be aware though, in the, at present, unlikely event that the church fills to capacity in terms of accommodating people safely, those arriving after that point will not be allowed in. Some of our regulars will gladly let others take their place, so we don’t anticipate any major problems – but please bear with us if you arrive and aren’t able to come in.

Please remember that masks must be worn and all the Covid19 precautions implemented at the church building and described here are complied with. Please remember to bring a Bible, dress warmly, as we have to keep doors and windows open, and check in using the NHS Covid-19 app. The children’s activity sheet is available here. Roger.


Zoom chat groups following the morning service

There’s a post-service Zoom meeting on Sundays at 12 noon to allow people the opportunity to have a chat and catch up with others in our fellowship. Contact Lukas if you need the meeting details.


Prayers for South America

Peru continues to see high corona-virus cases and mortality rates. There are now confirmed 700,000+ cases and over 30,000 deaths. Because 70% of Peruvian workers are in the informal sector, many have been simply unable to isolate because they needed to find work and feed themselves.

Please PRAY as it continues to face economic crisis with millions working in the informal sector,job security is virtually nonexistent ,and many families are struggling to support themselves. Please PRAY for the million of families. Thank you. Lin McGrath


Teams4u - Shoe box challenge

Are you up to the challenge of, in a few weeks, putting together a shoebox full of goodies for a child who would otherwise have nothing this Christmas?

Due to the current situation we are having to do things differently this year. Click here to find out how!


Remembrance Sunday display

As part of our Remembrance Sunday on the 8th November 2020 we are looking for any pictures of loved ones you have a special reason to remember at this time of year. It would be great if you could email your pictures and memories to the Church Office or if you are unable to scan them, drop them off in an envelope with your details, at the church office or the Vicarage.

This year we are focusing on the role of the navy (Royal and Merchant ) so particular memories of this service would be helpful. However, we are also thinking about the war in the Far East and memories of this period would also be very welcome.

We hope this service will be a valuable opportunity for us to remember the sacrifice of many to defend their countries and how we look to the resurrection because of our wonderful risen Saviour Jesus Christ.

CPAS logo


CPAS has introduced a new website ( informing generally about CPAS and Venture and Falcon happenings. It is good to keep informed about CPAS' reaching out, via websites, to keep informed and pray for its mission of reaching out into our country with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Forum Housing Association

Forum Housing - Christmas Appeal

Forum offers supported accommodation to vulnerable people aged 16 years and upwards in our area. Christmas can be an especially difficult time for our residents and Forum works hard to ensure that they are emotionally supported, well fed and that they at least receive one gift from someone. At any one time they can be working with up to 335 vulnerable people so a great deal of local support is needed to meet this need.

Because of the pandemic, Forum is asking for financial contributions that will enable gifts to be purchased centrally, and delivered directly to site, minimising handling requirements. They are, however, more than happy to receive gifts of appropriate items. Full details are available here.

St Barnabas Logo

Barnabas Fund

We are now planning on having a time of prayer for Barnabas Fund on Saturday 7th November on Zoom between 9.30 - 11am hosted by Chris and Jenny so we can pray together for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Please set some of this time aside to support those who are suffering terrible hardship even to their death. Meeting details will be sent out to the church family nearer the time. You can find information on the Barnabas Fund website on prayer topics. Thank you, Jenny.

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