• Pray for peace in Peru as the country awaits the results of a polarising election. PRAY for the next president to lead the nation into reconciliation, unity and a joint effort to come through the pandemic.
  • Pray that the church across the continent of South America will continue to reach out with the love of Jesus and teach the Bible faithfully.


  • Continue to pray for Brazil as it battles with Covid-19.While restrictions across many areas begin to lift, numbers of new cases and deaths remain devastatingly high. PRAY for wisdom for leaders as they make decisions to protect the country.
  • Thousands of fires have raged in Brazilian forests. Seasonal fires mean trees burning, wildlife dying and a 25% increase in indigenous people being hospitalised with respiratory problems. Indigenous tribes in Brazil have been co existing with nature for hundreds of years, but their way of life is under serious threat. Forests around them are being destroyed to make way for farming or mineral exploration. PRAY that we will not remain indifferent for these tribes in BRAZIL. PRAY for reinforcement of laws which will protect the indigenous people. PRAY that the church across Brazil and around the world will embrace caring for creation as part of their faith and lead the way in protecting the environment.
  • Pray for Bishop Colin Bazley ex Bishop of Chile who goes into hospital on the 6th July for a hip replacement, also his wife Barbara who has mobility issues.