Always a warm welcome

Because of the pandemic, were are not currently holding our Sunday afternoon service. We do, however, release a thought-provoking video  every Sunday at 4.30pm, which you can access either via our YouTube channel, or using this page here on our website,

We’d love to invite you to come along to our Sunday afternoon service.

Who is it for?

Anyone of any age and background is welcome to attend at any time. We hope to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and you don’t have to be a Christian already to attend. In fact, we hope to provide a place where anyone who would like to explore the Christian faith can do so without feeling pressured to join in anything unless they want to. For a full explanation of our aims and values, click here to download our booklet.

When is it?

The afternoon service meets every Sunday. Our usual timetable is:

4pm: Refreshments and cakes for those who would like to arrive early.

4:30pm to 5:30pm: The service with creche and children’s work. (If you would prefer your children to remain with you in the service, that’s fine by us).

5:30pm: There is a simple meal provided for those who would like to stop afterwards.

What’s a typical meeting be like?

There will be some songs, a slot called ‘Couldn’t Help Noticing’ where a comment will be made on something from the last week based on the Bible, someone will lead some prayers, there will be a Bible reading and a talk.

Further information

Our afternoon service is overseen by Lukas Hank. If you need further information, please contact Lukas by clicking here.