• Roger Wiles

    Roger Wiles


    Roger has been at Trinity for over ten years and is married to Deane with whom he has two children, Kenny and Christopher.

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  • Anna Leadbetter

    Anna Leadbetter

    Families Worker

    Anna is married to Owen and mum to Miriam and Benjamin.

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  • Chris Parnaby

    Chris Parnaby

    Church Warden

    Chris is our Church Warden. She seems to help out at most things in church! The children will know her as the overall leader of our Sparks Friday group.

  • Paul Lewis

    Paul Lewis

    Evangelism Co-ordinator

    Paul is married to Elaine with whom he has three girls; Hannah, Jess and A-J.

  • Chris Walsh

    Chris Walsh

    Church Treasurer

    Chris works as an associate at a law firm and despite having to oversee our church finances, she also smiles a lot!

  • Alan Jones

    Alan Jones

    Lay reader

    Alan is married to Chris (who heads up Holy Trinity Preschool) and is a valued member of our preaching team. He also oversees our annual Hymn Concert.

  • Phil Walker

    Phil Walker

    Music Group Leader

    Phil, married to Carol, leads our Music Group, and is our resident songwriter!

  • Geoff Huntriss

    Geoff Huntriss

    Band Leader

    Geoff heads up our regular band who play monthly in our morning services.

  • Jenny Gopsill

    Music Group Leader

    Jenny is married to Pete and heads up one of our Sunday morning music groups.

  • Deane Wiles

    Deane Wiles

    Music Group Leader

    Deane is one of our music group leaders as well as being involved in many areas of ministry in our church family as she supports her husband Roger in his role as our Vicar.

  • Dave Byrom

    Dave Byrom

    PA and projection co-ordinator

    Dave leads the team which runs the audio-visual technology that we use in our services

  • Pam Clarkson

    Pam Clarkson

    Safeguarding Officer

    Pam is married to Michael and shares responsibility for oversight of our safeguarding policy with Carol Walker.

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  • Carole Walker

    Carol Walker

    Safeguarding Officer

    Carol is married to Phil, and works with Pam as one of our Safeguarding Officers.

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